what do you collect?

I’m reading Gretchen Rubin’s book “the happiness project”

and one of her project’s resolutions was “start a collection”.

however, she inspired me to write a blog about what I collect and I also wanted to see what people collect!

Having a collection would reflect who you are and what u’r passionate about.

as Gretchen says:

” A collection provides a mission, a reason to visit new places, the excitement of the chase, a field of experties (no matter how trivial), and often, a bond with other people. It sounded like so much fun.”


The feeling when u add a new object of whatever u collect to your collection, HAPPINESS!

I collect:



 button pins (no matter how much I collect, I keep losing them :(..)

And lately, bookmarks

aaaand Finally, National geographic magazines!

My sister collects water globes and key chains 😀

So, what do u collect? SHARE!


6 thoughts on “what do you collect?

  1. Masha’allah your collections are quiet incrediable specially the bookmarks 😀
    well my collections are kind of creppy and weird :mrgreen:
    i collect Mugs < the least creppy thing i collect
    i collect water bottles < yes i know it is weird but i don't know why i love collecting water bottles from each country i've been to or if i were at a day that needs to be remembered :3
    i collect lighters < i don't smoke but i love to collect them
    and finally i collect stickers :3

  2. interesting stuff , not weird as my stuff though haha
    i loved your bookmark collection , i don’t know why i chose to stick with two or three i never tried to look for a new bookmark , i might start collecting them hmm
    lovely post, i’ll share mine one day 😀

  3. MashaAllah, if I found those bookmarks I will sure collect them. I collect postcards, from the places I have travelled to and also from the places ppl I know have been. It’s a way for me to travel there too, a way to let me know that InshaAllah I will go there

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